It is known that days of striving to build, own or rent traditional office spaces before starting a business are fast becoming extinct. In fact, availability of co-working spaces has made it possible for many small and medium enterprises to kick-off and run efficiently whilst benefitting from an already built-up office space and its necessities.

Asides the workspace, being offered at a considerable rate, other necessities such as electricity, security, kitchenette, internet. are often inclusive of most payment packages. Undoubtedly, the benefits of co-working spaces cannot be over-emphasized.

Work environment might have a much bigger impact on our performance than most have assumed. Sometimes less is less and not flattering– at least for work environments. From research, we see that there are different creative spaces that are dedicated to different creative activities, amongst which are but not limited to: 

  1. Personal Space

At I-Nest Hub, we consider our clients and make them a top priority; here’s one way we acknowledge that not everyone would prefer a shared space, either due to preference or based on hierarchy within their organization.

In a personal space, a boss or a member of staff is allotted a room where they may not necessarily be in total seclusion from their team members but will have enough distance to work quietly. 

You can check out our Instagram handle @inesthub for detailed pictures on each of our spaces.

  1. Collaboration Space:

We realize that teams come together from time to time in order to discuss relevant issues that could otherwise have been said via long chain of email exchanges. At the Hub, you are covered! We have a room suitable for your every meeting. It is called the Conference Room.

Our great blend of the white and black will fit perfectly for your virtual meetings, monthly brainstorms, sales meetings and formal engagements.

(3) Work Station

Workstations include customized and/or typical work space layout which makes up part of office interior aesthetics.

At the I-Nest Hub, we have such space that can serve an employer with 4 of his or her members of staff. 

We surely can’t wait to have you explore these spaces at the Hub and watch you bloom even at this nesting abode.

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